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Normally, you shouldn't brag, but we'll make an exception: We are one of the fastest growing HubSpot partners in the entire DACH region - within just twelve months, we have passed through three levels and have thus been able to achieve something that no partner has done before. We are currently a proud Diamond Partner with no end in sight.

Here is a small insight into already realized projects.
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Perfect support for CRM change and migration

CIXON advised us perfectly from day 1 and took us by the hand, which made the switch and full migration from PipeDrive to HubSpot a "piece of cake". In addition, the on-boarding was perfectly planned and structured, which also gave us new ideas and tips in the individual sessions with the experts from CIXON, through which we could rethink processes. Always happy to work with CIXON again.
Timo Haberl

Top collaboration and service

Stefan and David did an excellent job and service in migrating our CRM data to HubSpot. We were able to migrate all of our legacy data to HubSpot through your expertise so we could continue to work from there. The services setup also went smoothly and was done quickly. This saved us a lot of time and nerves. The communication and exchange were absolutely super and exemplary. Problems were quickly addressed and sorted out. I felt very comfortable and in good hands at all times. Keep it up!!!
Thomas Höfner
BRIDGE Management Technologies GmbH

5 months long very successful cooperation - and still going!

For 5 months now, Cixon completely transformed our online marketing, including our website, and laid the foundation for successful lead generation. We will now extend the collaboration and hope to continue this over the next years. Key areas of focus were discussing and establishing customer avatar and customer journey, implementing and "teaching" HubSpot, social media setup, creating content plan and editorial plan, content creation, podcast launch, redesign website & HubSpot email marketing, traffic & lead generation: optimizing blog articles, newsletter opt-in & pop-up forms, creating landing pages & Google Ads campaigns etc. We are looking forward to continue this successful collaboration on eye level and thank you for the last months.
Kai Heinrich
Plutos Vermögensverwaltung AG

Extensive support in setting up the HubSpot Marketing Hub

David Voigt from CIXON supported us extensively in setting up our Marketing Hub and enriched the respective meetings with best-practice examples and other helpful tips. In addition, he was always ready to assist us with problem solving. The onboarding process was well structured, with David being flexible enough to discuss topics that may not have been on the agenda for the respective onboarding call. The goals of the onboarding were completely fulfilled and we can recommend this service of CIXON GmbH without any restrictions.
Roger Lüchinger
Yonder AG

Constant immediate help and great inputs during the HubSpot onboarding process

Thanks to David and his incredibly good response time, we were able to clarify almost all of our HubSpot implementation problems within a very short time and find solutions. Only one small suggestion for improvement from my side: Before the start of onboarding, go into more detail about the company's specific use case. This ensures that you can provide even better support right from the start in the objectives of the respective company with regard to the use of HubSpot.
Simon Reiter
Econos GmbH

Amazing service!

We have been working with CIXON for 4 months and have had an amazing experience. CIXON understand our market and the journey, and their knowledge of inbound marketing has helped increase our business. They provide a great, professional service that I would recommend to anyone who decides to use HubSpot.
Mia Boskovic
ticketbro GmbH

Tracking problem finally solved

We have been working with HubSpot ourselves for a long time. Also for various customers. Unfortunately, we have not been able to track our campaigns and incoming leads as we had imagined. Neither we nor HubSpot headquarters could solve the problem over several years. Only David from CIXON was able to develop a suitable solution that really works. TOP. Really a super achievement!
Andreas Baumann
ABD Media GmbH

Large migration project to HubSpot mastered in the shortest time possible

We faced the challenge of outgrowing our old CRM and marketing tool and wanted to change systems and all employees, including the marketing and sales departments. HubSpot's all-in-one solution was an ideal fit for our growth goals, but we knew that a smooth transition from one system to another would present many obstacles. Thanks to CIXON, we managed to migrate all our data, transfer our interfaces and on-board our marketing and sales teams within 4 weeks with a clear strategy and fixed milestones. The technical migration by the CIXON team and the guided onboarding process with individual support via Slack and Zoom were particularly helpful. We are looking forward to further collaboration!
Steffen Brendler
Pyforce Capital GmbH

Fabulous onboarding

We had a very professional onboarding with Stefan and David from CIXON from the beginning. David guided us through the onboarding process and continuously led us through the process proactively with a lot of knowledge and a wide range of experience. The onboarding covered much more than just using HubSpot. The focus from the beginning was on achieving the set goals and David was very individual and super flexible with us. Our questions were answered at lightning speed and comprehensively at all times. Deadlines and feedback were always met as promised. His professionalism is unparalleled and he is also very personable in his communication. We can recommend the onboarding process with CIXON without reservation and say thank you very much for the great support!
Ines Haas
HCS Computertechnologie GmbH

The boys and girls are fit!!!

100% recommendable! We did the onboarding for our marketing, CRM & service tool together with CIXON. The collaboration was super straightforward and a lot of fun. Stefan is a very good listener and was able to directly understand what our concerns were. With one happy eye, because we are now optimally onboarded and one sad eye, because we will now only have contact with CIXON and Stefan once a month, I write these lines.
Nuri Jusupow
zenfulfillment GmbH

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