Inbound Consulting at a glance

No matter if fundamental content, social media or SEO strategy - CIXON helps to develop a watertight inbound strategy that increases reach, generates leads and turns qualified leads into delighted customers. With creative ideas, a holistic approach and state-of-the-art technology, we show why it was a good decision to choose CIXON even before implementation.

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Our Inbound Consulting process

It can be difficult to fight your way through the digital jungle on your own, right? We know the problem of not really knowing where to start and have developed our Inbound Consulting for this. Inbound means magically attracting customers. Together, we develop a customized digital lead generation concept for you in 5 steps and implement it via the right platform.

Customer understanding

Reaching everyone is almost impossible in the digital world. It is therefore essential to develop the right message for the right target group. We give you the systems to finally get clarity on your offer and focus. "In the right place at the right time" - there is a system behind this magic.


No inbound without content. The central component, for new customers on a silver platter, is valuable content. And that's why we work with you to develop a content plan that provides an answer to every question your target customers have. But beware: you know your offer best. And that's why the writing of the texts is always up to you.


Good content, without the right delivery, is bad content. We teach you how to publish content in a search engine optimized way and share it properly on social media. So that invisible content is finally a thing of the past.


Once visitors get online, the contact game begins. "When is the right moment?" Is an important question not only in private life. Too much data asked for can be off-putting, too little data doesn't help. We help to master the tightrope walk of conversion through targeted best practices.


After the conversion is before the conversion. Once the lead is in the database, the qualification to become a customer begins. Our qualification routes expose hot air and bring out the diamonds in your contact database.

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