HubSpot Audit at a glance

You want to know where you already shine and where there's still room for improvement? We'll take a closer look at your HubSpot installation and show you how you can get even more out of it.

HubSpot is the all-in-one solution when it comes to inbound marketing, marketing automation, and digitization of sales and service. Due to the wide range of functions, it is completely normal that some areas and functions are still undeveloped.

As a HubSpot Diamond Partner, we not only provide complete onboardings and trainings, but also audit already existing HubSpot systems.
1. Audit2. Catalog of measures 3. Evaluation

HubSpot Audit at a glance

We clean up your HubSpot portal and make it fresh and efficient again.
Clean up inactive contacts, update company records, review workflows, and update analytics reports.


We take a close look at your HubSpot portal, of course within the scope of the appropriate permissions. Our audit template guarantees that we pay attention to the most important areas and adjusting screws. From data quality, ongoing integration, data inconsistencies, naming conventions to performance analysis of blog, landing pages, emails, forms and more. It's all about the big picture and the needle in the haystack.

Catalog of measures

We document the collected findings in a clear catalog of measures. This will later be the linchpin of your HubSpot optimizations. You'll love it!


In a joint evaluation meeting, we go through all the points from the catalog of measures. And of course, the recording is included in the overall package. If you still haven't had enough, we'll be happy to help you with the HubSpot implementation.

Why perform a HubSpot Portal Audit at all?

Create order and thus save time
In everyday work, things sometimes have to move quickly. Over time, however, this often results in messy entries accumulating in the HubSpot portal. Occasionally, this is not a big problem. After a while, however, the portal becomes confusing and it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish which data is still meaningful. This costs time, money and nerves.

No unnecessary costs for inactive contacts
Every HubSpot marketing contact costs your company money. It's therefore all the more important that you only use contacts that actually offer sales potential. We analyze all CRM and marketing contacts according to activity and filter out all contact corpses in a list. You then decide which of these contacts should be deleted.

Unclear HubSpot portals become lean again
We take care of the HubSpot portal clean-up for you and make your portal lean again. This way, you can concentrate on the really important things again with a tidy portal.

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