Good customer management thrives on a smooth service experience.

Customers today expect not only competent service, but also direct and personalized service. Many companies struggle to do this because they don't have the right tools in place.

If every employee knows exactly what journey a contact has already experienced with the company, then it's much easier to adapt to each individual customer right from the start. That's the secret to digital customer service.

Processx Content x Automation x Reporting= Customer satisfaction

Digitize customer management at a glance

Customer inquiries across all channels: Email, WhatsApp, social media, phone, website... Without a digital service process, many companies already fail when accepting customer inquiries and assigning them to the team in a meaningful way. We know exactly what digital customer service processes are all about. And we have the right platform to implement them.


A thousand questions. A thousand answers. Companies often suffer from spending a lot of time on the same questions over and over again. If there is a solution in the drawer for every customer problem, help can be provided more quickly and time can be saved at the same time. We develop a targeted strategy for service content so that customers can find a solution to their question themselves in the future, finally giving them room to breathe.


You feel paralyzed when your inboxes are overrun with service requests, right? With digital customer management, you can focus your time on the things that really matter. Namely, 1A customer service. We automate the mind-numbing, repetitive tasks in your customer service department.


Numbers don't lie. And that's why we have a number of best-practice reports that will help you enormously in your company to become more efficient in service. By using a customer management system, you will know exactly what your customers' needs really are.

Digitize customer management with HubSpot Service Hub

With HubSpot Service Hub, you can offer modern customer service and turn loyal customers into true fans - with modern tools and automation processes, it is possible to serve and help customers 24/7.

Integrated tools:

  • Dialog-based tools
  • Shared mailboxes
  • Ticket system
  • Helpdesk automation
  • Feedback and survey tools
  • Reporting and analysis

The aggregation of all data and information not only enables a more professional service, but also identifies revenue potential that can be passed directly to the sales team.

In combination with the HubSpot Marketing Hub (link) and the Sales Hub (link), the HubSpot platform unleashes its full power.

As a HubSpot specialist, we ensure that its full potential can be exploited and that HubSpot becomes the most valuable tool in the company.

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