Migration to HubSpot at a glance

The decision to replace an existing CRM system is certainly never easy. However, when switching to HubSpot, you have made the right decision. To ensure that the migration is fast, targeted, and with as little friction as possible, the right concept is of utmost importance and an experienced service provider is an absolute must. We know what matters and bring the necessary experience to ensure a seamless transition.

1. Technical Scoping 2. Preparation 3. Day X

Migration to HubSpot - Our process

A change in the IT system landscape is imminent and pure chaos reigns? Don't worry, just put the migration of all static and historical data in our hands. We are techies and love to migrate data.

Technical Scoping

Using our technical scoping templates, we quickly find out what the migration requirements are and what needs to be paid particular attention to. We take a close look at your legacy system. So that nothing is forgotten and everything is in the right place later.


The new system needs to be set up properly so that all the data gets to its intended place. Here we listen to your wishes and translate them into their technical counterparts.

Day X

Day X? In the positive sense! Here, all preparations are complete and the final migration of the data from the legacy system to the new platform is about to take place. We click the button and you're ready to go. Great, isn't it?

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