HubSpot implementation at a glance

HubSpot is one of the most modern and comprehensive CRM systems around – but a tool is only as powerful as its users. As dedicated HubSpot fans, we take care of the basic setup, handle the entire onboarding, train employees, and turn them into HubSpot fans. We make sure our customers get the most out of HubSpot.

1. Inventory 2. Target state 3. Strategy4. Implementation

HubSpot implementation process

The digital ink on the contracts is dry and the anticipation is huge. But: most HubSpot implementations start with big question marks in their eyes, right? The platform is far too extensive to set up and use effectively in a few hours. That's why we walk you through implementing the platform as a business. And we bring some nice shortcuts along the way, too.


First the work, then the pleasure. In the kick-off phase we talk together about your business goals and record current processes. A good analysis of the current state helps to identify the greatest potentials in order to get the horsepower on the road even faster.

Target state

The second part of the kick-off phase is to work out your concrete business goals. Where do you want to be at the end of the implementation phase? Which processes should be mapped using HubSpot and how will the tool add the most value for you? We document it here.


The marriage of your target state and our recommendations is closed in the strategy phase. We specifically define which steps lead to the goal.


With our HubSpot Implementation Plan, the HubSpot platform runs like a well-oiled machine after just a few months. For each area, we bring pre-selected tasks and best practices that enable the HubSpot champion in your organization to grow the platform independently. Because our aspiration is not to make you dependent on us. We teach you to run yourselves.

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