HubSpot Content Hub: The comprehensive overview


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HubSpot Content Hub: The comprehensive overview

Are you looking for a content management system (CMS) that allows you to publish new content quickly and easily, without annoying updates, complicated back-end applications and immature interfaces to your CRM and marketing tools? Then the new HubSpot Content Hub could be just the solution for you and your company.

In this guide, you'll find out why the HubSpot Content Hub could be the perfect fit for you and how you can create your website with the HubSpot Content Hub in 7 simple steps.

What is the new HubSpot Content Hub?

HubSpot has developed the Content Hub to provide a central platform that combines content management and marketing in one integrated solution. The Content Hub is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that allows users to focus on content creation and optimization without having to worry about technical details such as server maintenance and security.

The most important functions and features at a glance

So that you can create your website optimally with the HubSpot Content Hub, let's first take a look at the most important functions and features of the SaaS solution:

Central content management

The HubSpot Content Hub makes it possible to manage all content types centrally. This includes blog posts, landing pages, emails and social media posts. This makes the management and publication of content much more efficient.

Personalization and dynamic content

Content can be dynamically adapted based on the various contact properties of website visitors. This allows you to display different content for different customer groups and thus offer a personalized experience.

Multi-language options

Multi-language content can be easily set up in the graphical user interface. Various implementation options enable flexible language management.

A/B tests

Split tests can be easily implemented to test and evaluate different variants against each other. This enables constant optimization of your services

Analysis tools

HubSpot offers integrated analysis tools that clearly display all important information. For example, you can see where your leads come from, which content is clicked on the most and how long it is consumed

Focus on your core business

In contrast to other CMSs, you don't have to worry about server maintenance, functionality and security. HubSpot takes care of this so that you can concentrate on your core business


HubSpot offers the option of installing apps for third-party software and configuring them directly via the interface. The HubSpot Marketplace offers a growing number of integrations.

Who is the HubSpot Content Hub suitable for?

The HubSpot Content Hub is suitable for anyone who wants to focus on the essential content of their website and spend as little time as possible on the technology behind it. It is suitable for both beginners and developers.

HubSpot Content Hub Professional vs Content Hub Enterprise

HubSpot offers two versions of the Content Hub: Professional and Enterprise.

HubSpot Content Hub Professional

Ideal for fast-growing companies that don't want to deal with maintenance and complicated content publishing systems. It offers easy content publishing and efficient implementation of marketing strategies.

HubSpot Content Hub Enterprise

Provides all the features of the Professional Hub plus the ability to create intelligent web apps directly in the CMS. Ideal for large teams and organizations with special requirements.

Creating a website with HubSpot Content Hub - step-by-step guide

With the HubSpot Content Hub, you can create your company website in 7 simple steps:

1. Set up your HubSpot account

Register for a free 14-day trial period for the Content Hub. Contact us to get access under special conditions

2. Link domains

Link your domain with HubSpot to use the Content Hub professionally. Websites can also be created without your own domain.

Link HubSpot Content Hub website HubSpot Content Hub: Link your domain.

3. select design

Choose a suitable design from HubSpot's own designs or the Marketplace.

Create HubSpot CMS website - design selection in the Hubspot editor Easily create your company website with the Hubspot Content Hub - with the right designs.

Option 1: HubSpot designs

The easiest and quickest way to create a website with the CMS Hub is to use HubSpot's own designs. These can be used at no extra cost and can be customized to a limited extent. This is a suitable option for creating a well-functioning website as quickly and easily as possible - without any programming knowledge.

However, it should be noted that the code cannot be edited here, so only superficial adjustments are possible. However, if you are satisfied with the design and the possibilities, there is nothing to be said against it.

HubSpot designs are templates designed directly by HubSpot

Option 2: Templates / themes from the Marketplace

More templates can be easily obtained from the Marketplace. Most templates are subject to a charge, with prices ranging from 1$ to 10,000$. This depends on the provider, the complexity and the requirements and expectations of the buyer.

Here, for example, you can also find the HubSpot themes from CIXON.


Possibility 3: Custom Coded Themes

The most complex option for creating a website with the CMS Hub is custom development. As the name suggests, you don't use templates that have already been created, but design the website from scratch - with the help of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and HubL.

For individual requirements, you can also create a custom theme via our individual website development.

HubSpot Content Hub - Design Manager with editable code

Important: If you already have a self-coded website, you can even import it using HubSpot's Design Manager and use it in the CMS Hub (further customization required).

4. customize design

Now you basically have a functioning website (even if it's just one page at first) that you can put online.

The first thing you should do is edit the design settings. This involves adjusting the global settings such as colors, typography, forms, headers, footers, etc.

Then any individual settings are made. These mainly include the adjustment of the following elements:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Call-to-actions

In addition, further modules can simply be dragged and dropped from the left-hand area onto the right-hand side of the website and customized.

Drag-and-drop editor with draggable modules

5. Customize website settings

Make the necessary page-specific settings

HubSpot Content Hub - Website settings

6. optimize website

In the next step, the website is automatically checked by HubSpot and recommendations are displayed on how to further improve the website.

This is primarily about topics such as SEO and usability, so it is important to pay attention to these tips and correct any errors.

7. Publish your website

Publish your website immediately or plan to publish it at a specific time.

Publish HubSpot Content Hub website

By the way: Here you can find a comprehensive guide on how to create your website in HubSpot.

HubSpot Content Hub - Conclusion

HubSpot has created an impressive alternative in the mid-tier market with the new Content Hub. It is suitable for almost all companies, from small start-ups to large organizations. If you have any questions about the new HubSpot Content Hub, simply contact us via live chat.

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