HubSpot AI at a glance

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More success in the company thanks to a CRM with AI power

Want to take your business to the next level and wondering how? The answer lies in the combination of customer relationship management (CRM) and artificial intelligence (AI) - and that's where HubSpot AI comes in.

Imagine if you could not only manage your customer relationships, but deepen them in a way that previously seemed impossible. Using AI technologies in CRM opens up a whole new spectrum of opportunities to understand, strengthen and leverage your customer relationships.

From the automation of recurring tasks to the targeted analysis of customer data. Not only do you gain valuable insights into the behavior and needs of your customers, but you can also make your marketing, sales and service activities more efficient and effective. This allows you to deploy your resources exactly where they will have the greatest impact.
HubSpot AI in marketing

HubSpot AI in marketing: revolutionize your marketing campaigns

HubSpot AI in the Marketing Hub makes it possible for you to publish entire marketing campaigns in a matter of seconds in the future.

With the integrated marketing tools and AI support, it is possible to create all content from the ad to the landing page, lead generation and marketing automation with AI support.

This enables even more focus on your target group.

HubSpot AI in sales

HubSpot AI in sales: Intelligent sales strategies for maximum efficiency

HubSpot AI in sales opens up a new dimension of sales efficiency.

It helps you to qualify leads more effectively, identify sales opportunities more precisely and develop personalized approaches for each customer.

By analyzing data patterns, HubSpot AI can predict sales trends and provide you with valuable insights for strategic decisions.

This leads to a more targeted customer approach and improved closing rates.

HubSpot AI in service

HubSpot AI in customer service: A new era of customer service

With HubSpot AI, you can process requests faster, deliver personalized responses and even solve problems before they arise.

AI-powered analysis of customer interactions enables you to recognize patterns and predict what customers need, allowing you to provide a proactive and efficient service.

Whether it's automating routine requests with chatbots or providing deep insights to your service teams, HubSpot AI helps you increase customer satisfaction and build long-term customer relationships.

The new HubSpot Sales Hub - your most successful sales through powerful AI tools

The new HubSpot Sales Hub brings the concentrated power of artificial intelligence.
Dedicated prospecting area for higher quality leads
In the new prospecting area of HubSpot, you can now use AI-supported analysis tools to identify and target higher-quality leads.
Smarter sales sequences
You can now also analyze and A/B test reports in HubSpot's sequences tool.
AI-supported sales forecasts
The sales reports in HubSpot are getting even smarter.
LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration
The integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator now also enables the enrichment of data directly from LinkedIn using intelligent data analysis.
HubSpot AI step-by-step guide

HubSpot AI: The step-by-step guide

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HubSpot AI FAQ

The most frequently asked questions about HubSpot AI tools answered at a glance.
What is HubSpot AI?

HubSpot AI is the integration of artificial intelligence into the HubSpot platform. It uses machine learning and data analysis to optimize and automate processes in marketing, sales and customer service.

How does HubSpot AI improve marketing?

HubSpot AI improves marketing by enabling personalized customer interactions, simplifying target group analysis and automating and optimizing marketing campaigns based on user data.

Can HubSpot AI be used in sales?

Yes, HubSpot AI can be used in sales to qualify leads more effectively, identify sales opportunities and develop personalized sales strategies. It also helps to predict sales trends and make data-based decisions.

What advantages does HubSpot AI offer in customer service?

In customer service, HubSpot AI enables faster and more accurate responses, personalized customer experiences and efficient processing of inquiries. It also supports the prediction of customer needs and the automation of frequent inquiries.

Is HubSpot AI user-friendly?

Yes, HubSpot AI is designed to be user-friendly. It integrates seamlessly with existing HubSpot features and is designed so that even users without technical expertise can benefit from it.

Do I need special knowledge to use HubSpot AI?

No, special technical knowledge is not required. HubSpot AI is designed to be intuitive to use so that users of all experience levels can take advantage of the AI-powered features.

How secure is my data when I use HubSpot AI?

Data security is a key concern at HubSpot. AI functions are operated in strict compliance with data protection regulations and security standards to ensure the integrity and security of your data.

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