Who is CIXON actually?

CIXON is a HubSpot Diamond Partner from Potsdam that helps you digitize your business on the HubSpot platform by having your marketing, sales and customer management in one place.

We offer you holistic consulting, individual development and optimization to achieve lasting success.

CIXON Team_HubSpot CRM Implementation

A strong team

We are a constantly growing team that is currently 12 people strong.

We work closely together across various locations and face the daily challenges of the Internet.

Our services around HubSpot

Identification of gaps, weaknesses and untapped potential throughout the entire customer journey.
Development of solutions and tools to implement the holistic and seamless inbound strategy.
Supporting long-term success, continuously improving processes and taking responsibility.

300+ happy customers brought to HubSpot

Shall we get started?

What happens in this appointment?

  • We determine whether HubSpot is the right platform for you.
  • We show you possible approaches for integrating HubSpot
  • We find out whether you are the right fit for us
  • Show you possible costs and options
  • You will receive useful tips that you can implement straight away
  • We will arrange a follow-up meeting if necessary

If you're not convinced yet: customer testimonials

Perfect support during CRM changeover and migration

CIXON advised us perfectly from day 1 and took us by the hand, making the switch and full migration from PipeDrive to HubSpot a "piece of cake". In addition, the on-boarding was perfectly planned and structured, which also showed us new suggestions and tips in the individual sessions with the experts from CIXON, which allowed us to rethink processes. Always happy to work with CIXON.
Timo Haberl

Top cooperation and service

Stefan and David did an excellent job and service in migrating our CRM data to HubSpot. Thanks to their expertise, we were able to migrate all legacy data to HubSpot and continue working from there. Setting up the services also went smoothly and was completed quickly. This saved us a lot of time and nerves. The communication and exchange were absolutely great and exemplary. Problems were quickly addressed and resolved. I felt very comfortable and in good hands at all times. This is how I imagine a proper implementation! Tip-top and keep it up!
Thomas Höfner
BRIDGE Management Technologies GmbH

Perfect introduction to HubSpot and very valuable additional information on marketing & SEO topics

We have nothing but positive things to say. Stefan from CIXON did a very detailed onboarding with us into the incredibly versatile and powerful HubSpot tool. Starting with the migration and import of existing CRM data, through the technical set-up of HubSpot to setting up emails, workflows, forms, live chats, etc., everything was included! - Everything was included! Stefan also gave us lots of valuable insights into SEO and was always available to answer our questions between the "official" sessions. We can only recommend Cixon!
Simona Bürgi-Staub
Quick Technologies AG

Competent, uncomplicated and comprehensive support

CIXON advised and supported us during the CRM switch to HubSpot. They found a solution for every question we had - if not directly with HubSpot tools, then via other channels. From day one, we felt we were in good hands and can only recommend CIXON. Thank you very much!
Moritz Maier
semantha - thingsTHINKING GmbH

Amazing service!

We have been working with CIXON for 4 months and have had an amazing experience. CIXON understand our market and the journey, and their knowledge of inbound marketing has helped increase our business. They provide a great, professional service that I would recommend to anyone who decides to use HubSpot.
Mia Boskovic
ticketbro GmbH

Excellent onboarding for marketing and sales

Together with David from CIXON, we have now taken our HubSpot marketing automation to the next level and integrated Sales Hub. Our previous CRM is now being replaced by Sales Hub, so that marketing and sales can work together optimally. In our joint onboarding sessions, David repeatedly impressed us with creative solutions and impressively showed us the full range that HubSpot offers us. In addition to his extensive technical expertise, we also benefited greatly from his marketing and sales knowledge. We will continue to work closely with the professionals from CIXON and can only recommend the HubSpot onboarding process!
Stefanie Schwaighofer
United Domains AG

Individual onboarding

We opted for CIXON in order to receive a more individualized onboarding, as we are already very familiar with CRM systems. Thanks to the classic onboarding checklist, we were therefore able to get through it quite quickly and were able to deal with our specific questions in the remaining time. At the same time, we were in contact via Slack and were able to clarify minor details quickly. We are very satisfied with the process and would be happy to recommend CIXON to others. Thanks also to David for the positive support, always in a good mood and interested in helping us!
Marco Krebs
Laya Technologies GmbH

Mega project with great people

I had a very good experience with CIXON. Working with CIXON was super pleasant from the very first moment. I went into the collaboration with high expectations - but these were exceeded once again. If I had a short deadline for a sub-project, it was always met - I would like to take this opportunity to thank Benjamin and David in particular for the late evening hours and weekend work. I also received excellent advice on the creation of processes and automation. David was able to sort and categorize my thoughts very quickly and create systematic processes from them. The weekly training dates were perfectly adapted to my schedule, so that we were able to achieve the desired progress very quickly. I can absolutely recommend working with CIXON!!!
Jonas Laue
ImmoGroup GmbH
Was ist eine HubSpot Partner Agentur?

Eine HubSpot Partner Agentur ist eine Agentur, die von HubSpot zertifiziert wurde und die das HubSpot-Marketing, Vertriebs- und Service-Plattform nutzt, um ihren Kunden zu helfen, ihre Geschäftsziele zu erreichen.

Um eine HubSpot Partner Agentur zu werden, müssen Sie sich bei HubSpot als Partner bewerben und bestimmte Anforderungen erfüllen, wie z.B. HubSpot-Zertifizierungen, gewisse Erfahrungen und Referenzen.

Was unterscheidet CIXON von anderen Agenturen?

CIXON unterscheidet sich von anderen Agenturen dadurch, dass es sich auf die Implementierung und Optimierung von HubSpot-Lösungen spezialisiert hat. Es bietet auch Schulungen und Workshops an, um Unternehmen dabei zu helfen, das volle Potenzial der HubSpot-Plattform auszuschöpfen.

Die Arbeit mit einem HubSpot Partner Agentur kann sinnvoll sein, da diese Agenturen über spezialisierte Kenntnisse und Erfahrungen im Umgang mit der HubSpot-Plattform verfügen und Sie bei der Erreichung Ihrer Geschäftsziele unterstützen können. Sie können Ihnen auch bei der Optimierung Ihrer Marketing-, Vertriebs- und Service-Prozesse helfen.

Warum macht die Arbeit mit einem HubSpot Partner Sinn?

Die Arbeit mit einer HubSpot Partner Agentur kann sinnvoll sein, da diese Agenturen über spezialisiertes Wissen und Erfahrung im Umgang mit der HubSpot-Plattform verfügen.

Sie können Unternehmen dabei helfen, die volle Leistungsfähigkeit der Plattform auszuschöpfen und die gewünschten Ergebnisse zu erzielen.

Ein HubSpot Partner kann zudem Unterstützung bei der Implementierung, Anpassung und Optimierung von HubSpot-Lösungen bieten.

Außerdem haben sie Zugang zu fortgeschrittenen Funktionen und Ressourcen, die nicht für alle Kunden verfügbar sind.

Kurzum, ein HubSpot Partner kann Unternehmen dabei helfen, ihre Marketing- und Vertriebsprozesse zu automatisieren und zu optimieren, was zu einer höheren Effizienz und besseren Ergebnissen führen kann.

Welche HubSpot Partner Agentur ist die Richtige für mich?

Die Wahl der richtigen HubSpot Partner Agentur hängt von verschiedenen Faktoren ab, wie z.B. den Anforderungen Ihres Unternehmens, Ihren Marketing- und Vertriebszielen und Ihrem Budget.

Eine gründliche Recherche und die Prüfung der Erfahrungen und Referenzen der Agentur sind wichtig, um sicherzustellen, dass die Agentur in der Lage ist, Ihre spezifischen Bedürfnisse zu erfüllen und erfolgreich mit Ihnen zusammenzuarbeiten.

Es ist auch wichtig, dass die Chemie und die Kommunikation zwischen Ihnen und der Agentur stimmen, um eine erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit sicherzustellen. Ein persönliches Gespräch mit Vertretern der Agentur kann auch hilfreich sein, um sicherzustellen, dass Sie die richtige Wahl treffen.